Thursday, July 17, 2014

why I've been absent

It's been two weeks since my last post, and so much has happened since then, but that's not really what I want to write about today.... Today I'm going to let you in on the reasoning why I haven't been online as much as I once was, and why this blog has not got the attention it deserves.

I'm sure some of you might of thought it was because we are busy changing up our house, and while that is true; so many not so positive thoughts encompass by brain about blogs and the blogging world. I used to think that it was great to sit and read other people's blogs and see how they lived life. But recently I've been slightly disturbed by the post's I've been reading. I've actually been avoiding writing this post for almost 2 weeks just because I didn't want it to be wrote in anger or haste.

I'm sure you've seen them, the perfect mom blog.... she gets everything done, all her pictures are 'picture' perfect, her house is always clean, her husband is always home at a decent hour, family dinners are so pleasant & each moment of their perfect life is plastered on the family blog for all the world to see.
**Granite: I've posted some and will in the future where things look good, and it maybe LOOKS like we have our ducks in a row, but reality is life is messy. Pictures are just moments in time, where time stood still. Maybe the kids were sleeping or at Nana's house and the house was perfectly clean for 10 minutes. Or you just finished a project and it's photograph ready... But perfection after perfection, not even a 'toy' in the back ground of one single picture.... COME ON !!! Let's get REAL !!! 

My sister calls me the Pinterest Mom, and I'm very honored but I don't want every moment to be pin-able, I want my life to be memorable. 

I just wanted to clear the air and get that out there while I still can explain myself... I'm looking forward to editing and posting a lot of post's I've written in the last 2+ weeks, not worrying about what people have to say. And probably in the fall will put together some project update posts... I will do what I can here at livinginhismercyandgrace... Our plate is full and that's how I like it, God has been good to us and keeps us going in the right direction to bring his glory and will to surface in our lives; and we are so thankful for that.

What was the straw that broke the camel's back ?
This video:

I thank my Pastor for sharing it on Facebook

Sunday, June 29, 2014

dear teenager

Dear Teenager:

You may think it's weird that I'm writing you now, for I wish a person like me existed and wrote me this letter before my junior year of high school. I guess I'm just a pile of emotions right now. {No I'm not pregnant with your twins yet it's just very humid in these parts lately}.  You see I've been out of school for 10 years now and it's REALLY hitting me that I'm an adult, I know slow is the nice word you are thinking right now. Baby's in our family are starting to graduate and move away and on to the next chapter in their lives, people are moving entirely too fast to know which direction they are to turn next and Amy graduated from college and is getting married in a few months. So I'm allowed to be emotional for no reason.

But trust me if I could of wrote you sooner I would, I think this is just God's time. I've learned that EVERYTHING is in God's time. If I would of asked you 10 years ago what you think you would be doing you probably wouldn't say I think I would be happy being a stay-at-home-mom. But the truth is I truly love my life.

I know you think you are going through a 'hard time' right now, but can we stop and put things into perspective a little ? Something I feel like I will be doing a lot more this summer and on through the rest of my life. You have to take these stupid tests for school that you really don't think you need or are learning anything in the classes you took for the test in 'real' life. Would you even have remembered that you took those stupid tests if I wouldn't of reminded you ? Just a word of advice, in 10 years your not going to think about those tests, or the time spent studying (or not) or the fights that may or may not of happened while walking through the halls. You're not going to remember or care about who talked to who or which 'click' you were in or if you were the most popular stick figure in your class.  NONE of that matters, please do yourself a favor and just forget it all and be happy.

No one remembers any of their or your tiny problems, the world is much bigger than you. Were you in Israel when the suicide bomber killed 29 people on March 27th? Was your best friend Amanda Dowler, who was abducted in broad daylight on her way home from school, on March 21st? Did your parents die within a year of each other right before Christmas? Did you house burn on Thanksgiving?
NO the answer to all of these questions is NO !!!

You are still alive and are close to very few people who died in a tragic accident.
You have no idea what it feels like to have someone missing and not know if they will ever return. You yourself will not be abducted. No you are safe.
And you will not feel the lose of not one but two parents before even graduating high school (in two years), and you most certainly don't know what it's like to lose all your possessions in a fire; let alone the joy of the holiday's be stolen away from you.

You're offended? How do I know you don't know.... I know because It's me. I'm you. I'm that person you were are...I mean were... I don't know... who I am but wait let me take that back. I'm a sinner saved by God's grace and I'm worried about these people I'm worried because it's now 12 years in the making of bad news and things don't get any better.

In the first WEEK of this year there were 44 people killed from 'falling' of off cliffs or buildings, and within the first month of the year it was reported that 20+ MILLION credit cards were hacked.... and that was just in ONE country... 

I don't like to watch the news because I can predict what going to be on there... someone stole, raped, beat or got away with murdering a child.... and some people in the big city are having a tiff because there dog bit another kid and they don't want to have to put it to sleep.
I just Google-ed top news and the story a Texas mom keeping the body of her daughter in the fridge came up and there have been 31 incidents of shootings in schools so far THIS YEAR, 13 of which were all in January.

There is violence everywhere.... The world doesn't revolve around you and your problems so pull up your boot straps and get over yourself and stop being angry at whom ever you are angry and and go do the work for the Lord that you know you were called to do. You don't want to be like me a wife, mom and almost 30 and trying to find yourself. You need to find your calling and your identity in Christ now. THE TIME IS NOW.

Ephesians 2:10 (ERV) 
God has made us what we are. In Christ Jesus, God mad us new people so that we would spend our lives doing the good things he had already planned for us to do.

Psalm 85:10 (ERV)

God's love will come together with his faithful people. Goodness and peace will greet them with a kiss. 

Psalm 98:3 (ERV)

He has kept his promise of love and loyalty to the people of Israel. People everywhere have seen our God's power to save. 

God will meet you were you are when you are ready. If you are backsliding and you don't know where to start just start talking God will understand... Can't talk to God, he knows what you are thinking anyway, but go to someone... Someone you trust and look up to they are probably just waiting for you to come to your senses and live free in God.

And let me just add, you are beautiful just the way God made you. And just because some really unfortunate happenings occur in 2004, 2008 & 2011/2012 doesn't mean they have to change you FOREVER. DO NOT let them change who you are and what you know about The Lord and your friends and family. There is no need to hide in fear The Lord is and always will be with you.
Don't live with regret, what's done is done. It's okay to take a nap it doesn't mean you are weak. It's okay to delete people off of Facebook because you've clumped them into another group and they got clicked on because of guilt by association, it's okay to get rid of those people that are being the negative nancy's... You need to be uplifted not worrying about petty stuff. Literally EVERYTHING happens for a reason and in God's time not yours. Your life is precious and you are blessed to not have had to life through the tragedy's going on around you and your world. Embrace it. Attack it. Act for God. Don't let the negative opinions of others stop you from completely fulfilling your calling...
I'm sure I'll be seeing you around : )

With Love,
28 Year Old You

{{Yes this peculiar letter you just read was to my 16 year old self.... oh how I wish I could go back and light the world on fire from 2002 till now (and part of me wants to say it wouldn't of made a difference, but it would of), I'm so grateful God is still here and will always be with me in all my little moments of 'oh my the world is crashing down because I.......' He doesn't laugh or push me away like some of those friends may in the high school (and beyond) years, He's there waiting for me to listen or listening to me talk, He is the one that helps me up when I am down, He is my rock. And I'm so glad his fire never went completely out in me and He has led me up to this very moment in life and brought me to the right people and places to form who I am today. He knows who I am going to be and that I do make a difference}}.

I pray that this post was both enlightening and encouraging to you in any season of life. God has really put a calling on each one of you reading this today. It could be as simple as taking care of your children and home, or it could be as big as traveling all over the world telling everyone about the God that died to save our sins. No matter what you are doing - know that if you are doing it for The Lord it matters now and it will matter in 10 years. I look back at all the moments I sat in worry... what a waste of time... it's those moments that don't matter and aren't remembered. Praise God 

Monday, June 16, 2014

father's day weekend

They say a picture's worth a thousand words... 
Here's 16 {thousand}

Can you guess what we did over our weekend?
Too much to actually type it all out.... So instead of doing several blog posts through the week... I thought some collage's would be fun.... 

Enjoy !!!

I will answer any questions in the comments : ) 

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Father's Day


My Dad (Easter late 90's)

The the day we re-named my husband Daddy !!!
Also the first picture of Emmett  :) 

In Daddy's shoes on Memorial Day, please read his shirt : ) 

Switching hat's : ) 

Happy Father's Day to the 3 Father's in my life !!! 

From Left to Right: 
Tom - Steven's Dad
Steven - My husband
Bill - My Dad 

May all the Father's (and Mother's) reading have a great weekend !!! 

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

tuesday ? & never once

Really ? It was Tuesday ? Well... It sure felt like Monday : ( 

Have you ever had the feeling that you were stuck {Like Groundhogs Day} on Monday ? I'm hoping this isn't true for your sake.... Today was supposed to be the 'get done' day... After spending all morning with the bills, checkbook and on hold through various companies - I was needless to say frustrated. I'm so ashamed to even admit that... and had such a weak moment in that frustration. You see the devil loves when we are not ourselves and in need of something to be fixed. 

I know what you are thinking, who hasn't got hot with the customer service representative over the phone.... Nope, I didn't have any issues with any of the services I received. My only issue was I needed to be on the phone too long. So why am I ashamed ? you ask ?  

Well I {} blogger vented or something of that fashion... While waiting on hold with said companies I did a lot - read some blogs, Facebook posts, and of course my e-mail... I came across something that I knew was false (for lack of better words), and I let it anger me. 

I should of just clicked the "unlike" button but instead was "offensive" on FB.... I'm not totally proud of this fact and I didn't have to share all that with you BUT I Want This Blog To Be 100% REAL !!!! 

I'm a real Mom, Wife, Daughter, Blogger, Sinner saved by grace and I don't want to be thought of as anything else : ) 

{Being that most of the above is fairly negative I apologize and need to get to why I posted this in the first place}

The Lord has funny ways of 'getting into your head'... With an impression, nudge or another person you just happened to run into, well none of those things happened to me today. You know how you get a song stuck in your head and you can't stop singing... Well this was me, I haven't heard this particular song in a few weeks but yet there it was over and over and over... 

"Never once did we ever walk alone
Never once did You leave us on our own
You are faithful, God, You are faithful
You are faithful, God, You are faithful"

I knew right away that the Lord was trying to tell me something and didn't have this particular song on my iPhone so immediately I Google-ed it and found this video : ) 

" God I'm so thankful that you are faithful
Even and especially when I'm not deserving of it !! "

There's nothing like worshiping in your bedroom while matching socks : ) I'm so thankful for this upside-down, Jesus lead, getting caught up without really getting done day ! : ) 

I Peter 4:19 (ESV)
Therefore let those who suffer according to God's will entrust their souls to a faithful Creator...

**Song in the post was written by: Tim Wanstall, Matt Redman & Jason Ingram 
Copyright is not mine and all video's and references was pulled from the web : ) 

Monday, June 9, 2014

Sorry & New Adventure

I feel like I never stop apologizing for not being constant in my posts. I guess I could say it's the price I pay for trying to do it all, or I could blame it on my lifestyle of single parenting (which I love our life by the way). It's not for everyone and it took a really long time to find our happy place. And then adjust with a little person in on the scene. Our life style is special and if I keep going I could write an entire post about the life of an oil field wife...
But no one wants to hear that (unless you do - let it be know I will produce it)... Anyway....

I'm sorry I've been absent in my postings, but have you seen the weather IT's so nice... We have been outside almost every available second, which hasn't been that helpful for the laundry, kitchen or our many projects.  Though our outside projects are going well, and I'm loving that we are getting done and I get a tan and a workout all at the same time. Our outside is currently tore up so I will not be posting in the link up with Come On In... (Yards & Outdoors) tomorrow :( But on the bright side... it's going to be an awesome entertaining a play space when we are done - which should be within a week or so. 
Someday I will find my balance in my home life, work life and blogging life : ) 

In the meantime I will just share when I can : ) I wanted to share what's been happening in our world... 

Around Easter my sister had a Pampered Chef party. I was the BIGGEST Skeptic if it wasn't my sister I wouldn't of bothered getting a sitter type of thing :( OH BOY WAS A PROVEN WRONG... Can just say Pampered Chef has changed my life... I love love love their products. I'm so mad I didn't give them much of a look before now... I've became so in love with them I am having a party of my own AND am seriously thinking about starting my own business with them : )  

I just wanted to share some these products :) 

I absolutely love my new can opener it opens cans without leaving sharp edges. And has a claw to remove lids to keep your hands clean. I can't get over how much potential bacteria would go into my cans with the sharp-edged lid before I could grab it with my old opener. 

YOU can order it here

Perfect rice every time — I mean every time - from your microwave! Microwave used ONLY... How awesome is that... I love using this at my mom's and I can't wait till mine comes in : ) Another perk Dishwasher Safe !!! Yay !!!

YOU can order it here.

I could go on and on about the products, but I won't (for now).... What many of the Pampered Chef products do is save TIME, and MONEY... Time is the most precious thing in my book... When I'm sacrificing my time I'm not happy often times I just call it in or go out with my family for a meal. That's not exactly the best thing for our health or bank account. So when I saw these products I couldn't help to want them all. 

I love the fact that I can cook super healthy FAST.... My garlic press has been used almost daily since I got it. : ) And I simply can't wait to make all our dressings from scratch with the Measure, Mix & Pour, not to mention trying all of the Pantry Items... and I just found out today ALL of the products will be gluten free starting in September : ) 

Whether you like to bake, grill or garden Pampered Chef is for you... Click here to order now

June Special : Grilling 

Guest Special

BBQ Basting Brush - FREE BBQ Tongs, BBQ Turner, BBQ Basting Brush, BBQ Mitt or Great Grilling Recipes with purchase of $70 or more in June
BBQ Mitt - FREE BBQ Tongs, BBQ Turner, BBQ Basting Brush, BBQ Mitt or Great Grilling Recipes with purchase of $70 or more in June
BBQ Tongs - FREE BBQ Tongs, BBQ Turner, BBQ Basting Brush, BBQ Mitt or Great Grilling Recipes with purchase of $70 or more in June

BBQ Turner - FREE BBQ Tongs, BBQ Turner, BBQ Basting Brush, BBQ Mitt or Great Grilling Recipes with purchase of $70 or more in June
The Pampered Chef® Great Grilling Recipes Cookbook - FREE BBQ Tongs, BBQ Turner, BBQ Basting Brush, BBQ Mitt or Great Grilling Recipes with purchase of $70 or more in June


*This particular show closes on June 29th and you can have the items shipped right to your door : )


Thursday, May 29, 2014

the dreaded chore

Tuesday's agenda was SHOPPING, grocery shopping, normally a dreaded chore. Not that Emmett is really bad at the store {though sometimes he is and I just want to pull my hair out and go home without even putting anything back,} what mom hasn't had a trip or two like that ? Not that I'm not a huge planner - BUT  I tend to procrastinate, two things that aren't normally found in one person. 

Thankfully, I'm not a consistent procrastinator. Grocery shopping is one of those things I can talk myself out of going on really fast... Example: Last Friday was Nana day, {a day where Emmett visits his Nana and I leave so they can play top secret Nana & Emmett games for a few hours}, and I had planned on going on a much needed grocery trip. Before I went to bed on Thursday I had successfully talked myself into staying home and working around the house. 

We were literally out of EVERYTHING & I had no choice. Many of my coupons were going to expire and my checkbook was going to start screaming if I even thought about eating out one more time this month. I normally take Emmett with me for the coupon extravaganza(s), but Steven was off and wanted some quality Dad time {plus he HATES coupon shopping} - loves the saving not the hunting : ) 

This was my first EVER trip with a coupon BINDER ! I got up extra early to be sure I had everything in the right order to successfully make it through the store without throwing in the towel. 

I decided to go to the non-coupon store first, Aldi, their prices are so low that they do not except credit cards or coupons. They don't even bag the groceries - it's amazing what the little things can do to add up and it's great that they pass the savings off to the consumer. I'm not sure but I think Joshua Becker would love this concept. Did you read his book ? I reviewed it on my blog back in February. Also my friend Erin, talks a lot about Aldi on her blog -, one of my favorite's is Save Money & Buy Healthy Food at Aldi

This was my {small} trunk after Aldi. I'm so thankful for my new trunk organizer, in which I used as a grocery sorter and packer to save time. 

Total Spent Aldi: $ 64.37

Next I was off to Giant Eagle, where it's a must to shop the sales and then some. I really used to love grocery shopping and went very often when they had food and gas perks. Now they just have gas perks - It's not quite as fun : ) {It was 20% off the top of our grocery bill almost every month...}

Total Giant Eagle Savings: $ 47.57
Weekly Specials: $ 18.57
Coupons: $ 29.00
Total Fuel Perks Earned (this trip): 0.30 

Now because we run an entire house, not just a kitchen, a Wal-Mart trip was in store. {No punt intended}. My Mother-In-Law calls this store "The 100 Dollar Store" because it's physically impossible to go there and spend less than $100. 

The cashier was incredibly slow, but I was praising God the whole time - for a lot of reasons... E was at home (not fussing), I was DONE (finally), and I could watch my savings add up : ) Who doesn't love saving ?

Total Wal-Mart Savings: $ 29.95

Good thing the boys stayed home : ) 

I may not be that girl that needs to apply to be on TLC's - Extreme Couponing show, BUT I do feel like I'm doing my part and it's not boring what-so-ever... 

What about you What's your coupon savings look like Any secrets you would like to shareI'd love to hear them in the comments !